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Dear Members


We are very excited to get racing again and the main aim is to keep racing rather than losing this right.


To get started I have included a step by step procedure to do your entry.

Please note all people coming to race must complete. Driver will only be allowed a 2 mechanics and an entrant/guardian to accompany.

  1. Driver / Mechanic / Entrant
    • Online entry

      • Online - Driver Entry Form

      • Following the driver entry will be the required covid docs for the driver. Mechanic 1 & 2, Entrant/Guardian will proceed after. If you only have 1 mechanic or 1 guardian, you fill the required. Click next to the end of the form to submit form.

      • Print MSA Daily screening Questionnaire (Complete and bring to race)

  2. Officials - Marshalls, Admin, Helpers, Technical etc

    • Online forms

      • Online - Official Covid Documents

      • Included in this form is the Attendance Register as well as the Travel Guide.

      • Print MSA Daily screening Questionnaire (Complete and bring to race)


Please ensure Masks are worn at all times.



Alistair Mingay

KZN Kart Club Chairman

2020 KZNKC Regional/Club 11 October 2020
Mechanic & Entrant Included
2020 Officials Covid Forms
ROUND 5 KZNKC Regional/Club Race 11 October 2020

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